Since Its establishment in 1952, Tapmatic has manufactured tapping attachments of the highest quality and efficiency. Their focus on tapping attachments and tap holders, and commitment to research and development, have led to the granting of more than 30 patents in countries all over the world. This investment in innovation and quality has made Tapmatic a world leading manufacturer of tap holding tools.

After establishing a European sales organization in 1962, our European production facility was founded in Kriessern, Switzerland in 1981. Tapmatic International Corporation (called TIC) has the primary responsibility of supplying our high quality products to the European marketplace. Today, Tapmatic products are represented through an extensive agent network in more than 40 countries and they have their own sales offices in some of the major markets. Their tapping Attachments and Tap Holders are produced using highly automated equipment.

Both Tapmatic Corporation in the United States and Tapmatic International in Switzerland are ISO 9001:2008 certified companies. This guarantees you of their continued commitment to offering products of the highest quality. Quality and economic efficiency, innovation and reliability are what have made Tapmatic one of the world’s most recognized names for Tapping.


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